Stairs to the second floor in a private house: photos, types of structures and materials

Two-story houses and cottages have become the trend of the new time. Almost the main element of the interior is the stairs to the second floor in a private house: photos of such structures are striking in their aesthetics. From the right choice depends on the impression that leaves the interior of the cottage. Today you can choose the most suitable, fitting into any interior design option.

What do the stairs to the second floor in a private house: photo examples

Since the stairs have long ceased to perform only a unitary function, and have become important interior items, their diversity is so great that you need to break your head before choosing a suitable design for your house. In terms of type of construction there are stairs:

  • having 1 march;
  • consisting of 2 marches;
  • multi-mart designs

Marches at the stairs are called spans. Stairs to the second floor in a private house in their form can be: just straight, screw-like, with right angles, swinging stairs, as well as folding. A huge practical and decorative function and the material that went to the production of stairs. It can be: concrete construction, from wooden or metal parts, plastic, and even impact resistant glass.

The choice of the desired option is completely depending on the size of the room where the staircase should be installed, on the interior in this room, on the style of design and design, as well as on the material capabilities of the owner. In any case, before making a final decision, it is necessary to become familiar with all the features of the products.

Usually in a private house, stairs to the second floor are made with one or two marches. In this case, the first option is preferable in a spacious room, and the second can be claimed even in a small one. This especially applies to screw options. They require a very small area for installation. Let us consider each option in more detail.

Such products are made either entirely from concrete, including fences and railings, or combined with other materials, such as metal and wood. In any case, the marches they are made of concrete. Concrete stairs have a very large massiveness, volume and weight. Install them on large areas in luxury mansions, where there is enough space.

Marches of such ladders are completely cast from concrete and covered with a decorative covering. It can be ordinary tile, sometimes laminate or parquet. Often you can find products covered with carpet. If you own a beautiful spacious mansion, then this will be the best option. After all, concrete marches have such properties that can not be found in products from other materials:

  • marches can be made in such a form, which only pleases, even though straight, even screw;
  • the strength of concrete is not in any doubt;
  • stairs to the second floor in a private house made of concrete is almost impossible to damage, except with a jackhammer;

  • even if it happens somewhere chipped, then cover it with a solution will not be a particular problem;
  • moisture in concrete almost does not penetrate and can not seriously harm him;
  • from human steps, concrete staircases are not capable of even a millimeter wave, therefore such structures are very reliable.

They have one drawback – the massiveness and demands of a vast space. Therefore, if not, then it is better to get acquainted with the wooden version of the stairs for a two-story cottage.

Helpful advice! In case of limited means, when designing a house with a concrete staircase, it is necessary to provide for the installation of standard marches. It will be much cheaper than buying a monolith for your individual sizes.

That just do not make of wood. To this day, this simple material has not lost its relevance at all. It is understandable, because nature itself has created it, so for man it represents a special comfort that no artificial material can provide. Ladders from a tree are a grace and style. Varnished constructions become the decoration of almost any home. The atmosphere of warmth and coziness in the room is created, largely due to the wooden stairs.

In addition to the above advantages, we can also mention the relative cheapness of the stairs to the second floor in a private house, made of wood, as well as its lightness.

When choosing a variant of the ladder you are interested in, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances of the various designs described above. This will help create comfort and safe use of this product in your home.

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